Frank van Schaayk - Wave 2

Frank van Schaayk

Frank van Schaayk

Frank van Schaayk

CEO of McCain Foods USA, Inc.
Lisle, Illinois

(Largest Division of McCain Foods Limited, a global company)

(Now, Regional President - Americas /McCain Foods, Ltd.)

Promoted to First CEO Role with the Mission to Grow the Company During Changing Times

I was appointed the CEO of a company with tremendous potential but some significant challenges to deal with. Our market position was strong but we were not only facing challenges from competitors but also seeing a major shift in consumer tastes. We had to transition our thinking from meeting demand to creating it. In addition I had been appointed from within and therefore became the "promoted peer" with all the attendant difficulties.

In working with Gary Myszkowski we were able to define a development strategy and action plan that served all my stakeholders. Gary was able to provide real world guidance which helped me see practical ideas and solutions. Being able to discuss with Gary the implementation challenges as they unfolded was invaluable and has contributed to the quality of the plan results and my personal development.

###  2006   ###

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